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On the burst to raise $500,000 for the flood devasted Eugowra Community

The despair, destruction & grief continues for the residents of Eugowra & ongoing financial support is still desperately needed. We are aiming to raise $500k to help residents, businesses & the town get back on its feet.

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Donate directly to the GoFundMe Page.

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Nearly 85% of homes and businesses were affected by the disaster. Two people lost their lives. The people of Eugowra are rebuilding but it is a long, hard and expensive exercise. Part of your donations will be going directly to the people who need it through the Eugowra GIVIT flood appeal

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It is not the 'pub with no beer' it is the 'town with no pub'. Eugowra once had two pubs. The Fat Lamb Hotel burnt to the ground ten years ago and the Central Hotel which is still owned by the originally family was decimated in the flood. The Central has sponsored Rugby League for nearly 100 years, it employs locals and is the heartbeat of the town. Part of your donations will go to restoring The Central as quickly as possible so it can open its doors to the community.

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The Eugowra Olden Eagles are painting the town....... white. Part of your donation will go to buying paint and supplies as we have been painting residents homes who were flood affected for free and will continue to do so as long as it is needed. This is one less cost and one less massive job for the already weary residents.

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